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    Doğa Velisiyim
The Cambridge Igcse Exams

Nağme Bilgehan from Eastern Mediterranean Campus of Doğa Schools achieved the highest result from the Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry exam and took first place in Cyprus.

4th d’Teens 2019

4th d’Teens Talk English Debate Tournament has been organized by High school English Department on 6-7 April, 2019 at Acıbadem campus with 42 teams.

MOV-UP Project

The conference on “Policies, Practices and Qualifications in Early Childhood Education” will be held on 18th and 19th October 2019 in Istanbul.

Carma Project & CodeMath

Doga Schools promoted the CodeMath created by Turkish teachers’ collaborations during the EU CARMA project to the policy makers of European countries.

Professional Instructor Certificate

t-MBA student councils continue to be professional by getting educations related with the programs that they administer.

The MOV-UP Project

The MOV-UP project aims to prepare a teacher training course which will build on the good practices of the partners and will expand the skills of the teachers to develop the affective domain of their young learners