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    Doğa Velisiyim


We Raise World Citizens With International Vision

With an aim to nurture cultured, forward-thinking students we closely follow international relations to make sure that our students have the best international standards and are able to live and work anywhere in the world. We have a standard of raising internationally aware students; therefore, we carry out international projects and support our administrators, instructors, and students' studies abroad.

EU Projects

As a result of our strategy to run international partnerships and our project-oriented educational approach, we have become the school in Turkey that carries out the most EU projects. We have completed 20 Comenius school partnership projects successfully so far; we still continue 8 of our Comenius school partnership projects and 1 regional project (Comenius Region); we run 3 central projects; 5 youth projects, and also several twinning projects successfully. We are proud that we are the first and the only Turkish school to have projects funded by the EU commission Executive Agency.

First School from Turkey At BETT Show-London, England

We are the first and the only Turkish school to join the BETT Show (British Educational Training and Technology Show), which is the biggest education technologies expo in the world. BETT Show is an annual occurring event at which Doğa and t-MBA exhibits and awards the winners of the t-MBA Project World Contest. In 2013 Doğa was awarded as the “Most innovative school at BETT”.  

The Doğa Schools’ Education Model (t-MBA) At Gess Show-Dubai, UAE

We promote our t-MBA Education Model and our philosophy of education at the GESS Show, one of the biggest educational expos in the world. While our students were strongly applauded with their successful presentations at the expo, the t-MBA Education Model won the award of “The Most Successful International Education Model”.


Our mission is to raise individuals who acquire the knowledge rather than memorizing, who use the knowledge rather than storing it, who are successful not only at examinations, but also at interschool culture, art, sports, science events, who have a high accumulation of knowledge, who think freely and can express their ideas explicitly, who have an international vision, are committed to local values and open to universal ones, who have acquired a foreign language at the level of conducting scientific studies and who are the bright leaders of the future .


Doğa's Growth

Doğa Schools was founded with one campus in 2002. Since then we have been working constantly to actualize our vision and simultaneously increase our quality. During 2005-2006 we saw a significant growth and opened over 5 campuses in Istanbul. In 2008 we began opening Doğa Schools in various cities around Turkey. Within a few years we saw a tremendous growth and success in Doğa and in 2013 we opened an additional 13 new campuses in Istanbul and currently have 40 in Istanbul alone. In 2013 we also continue with the expansion throughout different cities in Turkey. As of the academic year of 2018 -2019 Doğa has a total of 123 campuses in Turkey. In two years we will be expanding this number to 200 in Turkey.

Unique Campus Architecture

While our environmentally-friendly campuses offer students a happy, social and safe atmosphere, our campuses’ impressive and unique architecture draws great attention from both students and the general public. We equip our campuses with seminar halls, digital libraries, art streets, space classrooms, science labs, Mac labs, open and closed ecology classrooms, music, dance, and recording studios, 3D classrooms, Fiction Rooms, Dreams Workshops, closed swimming pools, open and closed gyms, ice skating rinks, cafeterias, and dining halls all of which are designed by award winning architects. We offer all of these facilities in all of our campuses as a minimal education requirement.


Global Brands and Leaders Partnerships

  • We are the “First Apple Lighthouse School” in Turkey 
  • We break ground in English education with our partnership with Oxford University Press 
  • We make the education mobile with our partnership with Turkcell (leading mobile brand in Turkey)
  • We use the best quality smart boards of the world in all of our classes: Promethean
  • We build smart schools through our partnership with Vestel
  • We follow the trends of the 21th century with Britannica partnership


Leader in World Technologies

At Doğa Schools we practice the strategy to be the followed, not the follower. We do not only invest in infrastructure and technological equipment, we also make products that shape this field in our Educational Technologies Unit. In all our campuses, we use educational technologies that are higher than most standards and offer a unique education with a technology-enriched program.

Parents – Student monitoring with E-Doğa

e-Doğa is accessible through Doğa Schools’ website, and is the platform where parents can find information about their child’s progress.  For example, they can check lesson schedules, in-class activities, exam results, detailed reports, exam dates, teacher feedback, and attendance reports.

Futuristic Classrooms

With 3D classrooms, Fiction Rooms, Dreams Workshops, and Digital Libraries, we combine education and technology to give students unmatchable educational experiences. In 3D classrooms, students take classes such as physics, chemistry, and biology making use of 3D visual and audio technology.