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    Doğa Velisiyim


t-MBA Will Improve Economy of Turkey!

 t-MBA prepares students to university and life in line with the skills and inclinations of students. This program that will improve economy of Turkey, t-MBA (teenager MBA); is the only high school education that Turkey created which is praised by the whole world with its academic program, student councils, t-MBA classes, occupational observation and project competitions.

t-MBA on which master of business program is adapted to high school students level  in Doğa Schools and special to Doğa. In our day on which there's a severe competition,  t-MBA aims to make our students be one step ahead in this competition by providing them different extracurricular competence and skills. We start off on the philosophy of raising leaders who can express him/herself well, are ready for the future, self-confident, entrepreneur and social.  Students who graduate from t-MBA in addition to having international high school diploma, they also have t-MBA diploma which is approved by World Accreditation Center Edexcel.

The values of t-MBA are the strategic targets under the title of 2020 Strategy of European Union:


  • Communication and Expressing Yourself in Your Own,
  • Communication and Expressing Yourself in Foreign Language,
  • Mathematical, Scientific and Technological Competence,
  • Digital Competence,
  • Learning How to Learn,
  • Social and Civilized Skills,
  • Entrepreneurship and  Taking Initiative,
  • Cultural Awareness and Expression. 


International Accreditation

t-MBA has been internationally accredited by the reputable accreditation institution Edexcel. France, Italy, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Cyprus, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Russian Federation, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, UK, USA and Israel are the countries for which copyrights of the t-MBA was officially granted. t-MBA is an accredited model in all these countries. With our partnership with Pearson Group, we are introducing our model to universities. Out goal is to provide our students holding t-MBA degree with accreditation in parallel departments they enroll at university and have them passed the exemption exam for certain classes. One step ahead, there lies exempting our students holding t-MBA degree from such classes without having any exemption exams which would provide our graduates with great advantages in their university lives. We are proud to say, on behalf of our country, that our very own education model t-MBA is a globally known and applied model. 

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