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    Doğa Velisiyim



Art in Doğa is a Life Style...

In Doğa Schools, a student learns basic knowledge of art in parallel with skill levels. Our lessons start with brainstorming about the subject. Within the period accompanied by perception, thinking, visual, aural and tactual actions, our students express, imagine, research and personalize their observations, impressions, feelings and thoughts about environment. They picture their dreams in their minds, share their thoughts about the subject verbally in the class, dramatize, put down on paper if necessary and rejoice in rhythm of the music by diving into a poetic universe. They draw a sketch about the subject and then transform it into two or three dimensional and visual work of art.


As Doğa Schools, we aim to raise our students as individuals who produce art, not consume it. In this direction, we frequently organize exhibitions and museum tours and enable our students to be closely acquainted with great painters and sculptors. We give place to contemporary art concept in our workshops. Within the frame of our visual arts education, industrial design, photography and caricature lessons, ceramics and marbling course are in our programme as elective courses at the second stage along with painting lesson.

In Art Lessons in Doğa;

  • Creative side of every child is revealed and improved.
  • Studies are carried out in practice considering individual differences.
  • Permanence of visual education in learning is cared.
  • Painting lesson is considered as application area of other lessons.
  • By giving place to two and three dimensional works in practice, coordination of thought is improved.
  • Every place is planned as our field of work.
  • We gain basic knowledge of art in parallel with the child’s skill level.
  • We help them to gain self-confidence and perceive universal dimension of art at national and foreign exhibitions.



Doğa School is a successful educational institution in sports branches of Turkey along with its academic, cultural and artistic achievements. Doğa Schools, which endear sport even in pre-school period, lead the students to branch out starting at the 3rd grade. Our students who are active in every branch of sports from rowing to snowboard and badminton to horse-riding achieved many accomplishments in Turkey and worldwide.

Students of Doğa Schools maintain their artistic and physical developments with high level opportunities and in modern facilities besides academic education with sportive activities such as horse-riding, rowing, basketball, volleyball, swimming, judo, badminton, handball, step and gymnastics, football, mountaineering and climbing. Our the most valuable principles in physical training and sports lessons are leading our students to performance sports in line with their skills and introducing life culture of branches of their interest. Successful and sportive students of Doğa Schools find their places in national teams, NBA and many different international platforms.