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    Doğa Velisiyim




Standing out with its different approaches in education and learning models, Doğa Schools has given a new point of view to the sector with its concept school project. Doğa Schools, which turns concept schools into experience centers through the collaboration of worldwide brands, both use state-of-the-art technology products and convey philosophy of ''learning through experience'' to its students by making these products available for them. Having countless awards worldwide for its education models and achievements in various fields, Doğa Schools has been chosen as Showcase School as a result of its strategic works with Microsoft, and thus added one more to its achievements.

Microsoft officers, Mark East (Worldwide General Manager at Microsoft Education Sector), Dr. Buğra Karabey (Business Development Manager at Microsoft Education Sector and MEA ) and Anıl Çekiç (Education Programs Manager at Microsoft Turkey) enjoyably experienced the learning through Microsoft Kinect educational applications during their visit to Tuzla Campus of Doğa Schools. They met with the students, the future programmers who had Microsoft Code training since 5th grade and then had Microsoft Unity programming training in an advanced class. While they experienced a different learning method attending 3D Training courses in 3D Training classes, they saw the students making their designs real with 3D Printer Technology in 3D design rooms as well. They said that it was very exciting to see those and stated that "all these experience rooms and classes were the best R&D investment made in the future of the country".



Doğa Schools has added one more to its concept school projects with worldwide brands. It has gone from strength to strength due to an innovative and unique work in the field of educational technology with Intel, the largest chip manufacturer of the world. Doğa Schools enables the students to put methodologies of learning through experience and life-long learning into practice with its technology experience classes, Intel museum and technology support in education in its Tuzla campus. Doğa Schools has succeeded in turning the interactive tabletized education model, which it has been using for 3 years, into a new experience with Intel tablets in Tuzla Campus. These tablets give the students an opportunity to directly experience the experiments they make in Physics, Chemistry and Biology courses making use of many tablet features from heat meter, microscope, double vision camera to special software.

Bringing Intel Museum experience in Santa Clara, USA to Turkey, Doğa Schools takes us on a journey from sand to the chip and offers an extensive information on which areas of life the chip can be used. The Schools has turned the museum into a living area with technological infrastructure and products used. Tuzla Campus of Doğa Schools also enables students to maximize their multidirectional thinking ability improving their three dimensional thinking and algorithmic intelligence with Experience Rooms and technological products in the museum. Tuzla Campus, one-million-dollar investment in the experience field, and the area of over thousand square meters indicate how greatly Doğa Schools gives importance to R&D and innovation works in education.


Educational technologies of Doğa Schools are conveyed into the mobile world with Apple application which is prepared specially for iPhone. Parents can reach all kind of information about their children through Doğa iPhone Application. The application, which aims that parents and the students of Doğa Schools get involved in information flow in an interactive environment, conveys the important news, announcements, campus and campus contact details, videos, institutional information to the users. In addition, it provides an opportunity to see academic standing, course grades, syllabuses and absences of the student through the E-DOĞA option. Moreover, with the information system prepared for the students and their parents, service monitoring system can be reached through the application. In the circumstances that internet connectivity is not provided, the application can work through the latest data received. You can also reach application and registration forms and get in contact with Doğa Schools through the application.

Apple Cooperation in Education

In Doğa Schools, the students receive education with iPad in the lessons. In many campuses of Doğa Schools which gained the quality of being the most developed school of Europe with technological opportunities of Apple and Promethean, the students receive education in Apple classes. The students who complete their education successfully are awarded with a certificate which has an international validity. Doğa Schools is proud of being one of the technology centered schools of Apple that are mentioned as “light-house” which is available only as one for each country it is in worldwide.


Reaping the fruits of investigating in humanity, education and future above all, Doğa Schools cooperates with Promethean which is the leader of England and the world in the field of educational technologies. Keeping tabs on technology and introducing contemporary learning techniques to the world, Promethean registered the technology leadership of Doğa Schools with “Center of Excellence” award. Starting to use “Smart Board Technology” in all classrooms from kindergarten to high school by the 2007-2008 academic year, Doğa Schools is deemed worthy of “Center of Excellence” award that is given to the best technology user institution among 3500 worldwide educational institutions every year by Promethean which is the biggest education provider in the world. In the ceremony held in Doğa Acarkent Campus, the award taken by our founder Fethi Şimşek on behalf of Doğa Schools aims to promote technology usage in education. Having been confered since 1996, “Center of Excellence” award has come to Turkey twice under favour of Doğa Schools. 


Doğa Schools clenched its respect to the planet we live in and the other living beings by launching Greenpeace Green School Project. Thanks to Green School Project, the colours of rainbow will be more vibrant in Doğa. Our Planet gives the alarm as the conscious people are aware of it. Floods, hurricanes and melting poles… Each of them appears as the preview of the global warming which is the most important environmental disaster threatening the Earth. Therefore, raising children whose natural balance isn’t disturbed, who want to live in a healthy and safe environment, and more conscious than us is of capital importance. Green School Project launched by Greenpeace aims for this. 


Cardiovascular diseases are first cause of death not only in Turkey but also in all over the world. In the past, it was thought that cardiovascular diseases mainly threaten males but today, it is known that women, the young and even children under the risk of heart attack. Turkish Cardiology Foundation and Doğa Schools have been combating together this threat, which affects all segments of society, for years.


Almost half of the world population is leaving on coastwise. 65 percent of anti-cancer drugs are made from marine animals and plants. However, mankind continues to polute the seas which give the blue colour to the blue planet. 450 billion wastes and garbages, which haven’t been thrown or have partly been thrown, are dumped into the sea. This fatal situation prompted the students of Doğa Schools. The students expressed their responsibility for the environment by starting a movement for the treatment of the seas and clean-living of them through “Don’t Reduce the Seas Cry” project which is organized with Turmepa Association. Within the Project, everyone felt the right proud of discharging the responsibility for the clean seas while the canvases are coloured in the most beautiful blue.


After carrying out the first academic summer school of Turkey, İstanbul University and Doğa Schools, the two prestigious educational intitutions of our country, rolled their sleeves up to raise the scientists and highbrow generations of the future by deciding to make academic and strategic cooperation. Supporting the students of Doğa Schools in practical and theorical matters with its academic staff, İstanbul University attends the student club activities and foreign trips.