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    Doğa Velisiyim



Alev Alatlı - Writer
Doğa Schools makes it possible for the children to contact with nature as suggested by its name, and this is quite pleasing. It makes them relate with nature and widens your perception.

Zeynep Dağı - Ankara Former Member of Parliament 
We are glad to be able to raise happy children in cooperation with Doğa Schools. It is quite obvious that Tunahan is happy.

Halit Akçatepe - Actor
We were quite picky while trying to find a kindergarten for our daughter. We have now seen that what a right decision we have made by sending our daughter to your school.

Özkan Uğur - Aysun Aslan Uğur
Differing from others with the education model it applies, Doğa Schools provides ample opportunities to its students while supporting the curriculum with artistic and sports activities.

Evrim Aras Sağıroğlu - Chairman of Aras Holding
I want my son to grow up as an independent individual that can determine his aims and needs himself. And I can observe that he has been taking quick steps about this since he started kindergarten.

Süheyl Uygur - Burçin Orhon Uygur
We chose Doğa Schools for our daughters Zeynep and Ayşe because Doğa is an innovative school and actually we really like this aspect of the school.

Serhat Ulueren - Sports Director of TV8 
I congratulate the founder of the school Fethi Şimşek and the whole team for their hard work, self devotion and sensitivity.

Jale Akyel - Vice General Manager of IBM
You’ve changed not only Derin’s but also our lives. Derin’s is exactly a success story. I am proud of my son. Thank you.

Nibet Baş - Former Minister of National Education
Love and trust. These are the first words that come to my mind when you say Doğa. Thank you for the education you offer to my child and the sympathy you show.

Mustafa Bumin - 15th President of the Constitutional Court
There is an unbreakable bond between us and Doğa now. Thank you Doğa for making my grandchild happy.

Fulya Ergüneş - Newscaster 
Doğa Schools instills children with love of nature and also prepares them for life. I have been observing quite important positive changes in my child’s attitudes.

Prof. Dr. Adnan Kabaalioğlu
Our child’s first year at Doğa Schools was quite positive. We especially like the increase in his interest in nature, sportive activities and his English level.

Hakan Arslan - Director
When our children were taking their first steps in their education life, Doğa Schools has been the guiding light for them... Of course, education is important but what is more important is to broaden their horizons.

Gökay Erol - General Manager of Vakko Holding
The relationship between the students and teachers is so nice and it’s obvious that they like their jobs. What’s more, lessons like ecology and horse riding make the school different from others.

Osman Can - Reporting Judge at the Constitutional Court
We preferred Doğa Schools to raise our students as well-informed and sophisticated individuals. My daughters’ interests and abilities have been explored in Doğa and they have been directed to very different fields.

Gürkan Kubilay - Doctor
Our daughter was about to start high school and shape her life from then on. Thank you for what you have earned my dear daughter, my life and my breath of life.

Bulut Kalkavan - Logistics General Manager of Larus
It made us very happy as a family to see that our son is followed by the school both acad